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ANSI Safety Standards For Fork Trucks Now Free Online

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) has for some time been the secretariat for the ANSI B56 Committee which deals with standards for Fork Trucks, such as B56.1 - Safety Standard for Low and High Lift Trucks. They no longer are.

The Secretariat for the B56 Committee is now the Industrial Truck Standards Development Foundation (ITSDF). This is a not-for-profit foundation established by the Industrial Truck Association for the purpose of assuming management of standards affecting products used in the material handling market that were earlier developed by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. The foundation is seeking additional sources of financial support and accepting contributions form individuals and corporations. At present all the ANSI B56 standards have been transferred to ITSDF and were accepted, re-designated, and reaffirmed on or before 19 September 2005. Although the dates in the titles of the standards were changed, ITSDF says there were no substantive changes to the standards.

ITSDF makes all the B56 standard available to anyone who wants them without charge.

Click here to access the Web Site.

They require your name and email address, and your agreement not to charge for any subsequent distribution.

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