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September 2014 Newsletter

Seven Useful Strategies that Set the Tone for Safety
The safety orientation session can be an excellent opportunity to set the tone for a project, and to help workers understand both the importance of safety and the role they play in achieving a safe workplace.

Using AEDs to Restart Hearts
Having and properly using AEDs is so critical. The Red Cross estimates that access to AEDs could save 50,000 lives a year.

Harris Recalls Two Models of Welding Torches
The torch handles can leak oxygen or fuel, posing a fire hazard.

OSHA, NIOSH Announce Recommended Practices to Protect Temporary Workers
OSHA's Temporary Worker Initiative, launched last year, includes outreach, training and enforcement to assure that temporary workers are protected in their workplaces.

Child Operates a Front End Loader
All necessary certifications and training have not been verified.


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