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Our newsletter is an innovative, contemporary and informative publication resource, designed to supply you with useful and practical articles monthly on various occupational safety issues. Learn the latest news in OSHA regulations, product recalls, fall protection, and relevant workplace safety topics from our experts.

August 2014 Newsletter

Keeping People Safe Even When They Don’t Understand
No matter what language is involved, having workers who are unfamiliar with English creates challenges for safety professionals.

Preparing For and Responding to Fires
A comprehensive fire safety plan will examine the potential hazards on the worksite, identify strategies for prevention, note the appropriate fire suppression equipment given the nature of the hazards, and include training on what to do if a fire occurs.

Volkswagen - Eyes on the road
Video by Volkswagen highlights hazards of distracted driving.

Metabo Recalls Electric Angle Grinders Due to Laceration Hazard
The on/off switch can stick in the "on" position, posing a laceration hazard.

OSHA Issues New Directive to Keep Communication Tower Workers Safe
The directive outlines the proper use of hoist and other fall arrest systems and includes detailed information on how to hoist people safely.


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