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Construction safety consultants and staffing is provided by the Special Projects Team. Safety consulting services free clients from the challenge of finding and hiring safety consultants for special projects. Safety Management Group provides the site safety representative and administers all compensation, benefits and taxes, without the client having the additional overhead. Just as important, clients don’t have to worry about downtime if one of the safety consultants becomes unavailable because of illness or other reasons, Safety Management Group provides fast access to a replacement. We can augment an existing in-house safety team with additional expertise for specific projects. It could be short-term or long-term contracts, new construction projects, shutdowns or maintenance-related activities.

Safety Management Group provides experienced construction safety professionals and personnel to staff and manage site safety on your project or to supplement your team when additional safety support and representation is needed. Companies that utilize our safety consultant contracting and staffing teams include:

  • Owners
  • General Contractors
  • Construction Managers
  • Insurance
  • Subcontractors
  • Specialty Contractors

Our team is experienced in all project-oriented environments including outages, shutdowns, turnarounds, new construction, expansions, additions, Owner Controlled Insurance Programs (OCIP) and large scale industrial and demolition projects. Safety staffing experience includes:

  • Automotive
  • Chemical
  • Refinery
  • Re-Tooling
  • Airport
  • Paper Mills
  • Stadium
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Steel Mills
  • Hospitals
  • Large Industrial

Safety Management Group's qualified Safety Advisors work with your team to integrate safety on your project from the initial planning stages to daily task-specific toolbox meetings. Our motivated team of professionals understand that safety, quality and productivity work hand-in-hand.

Construction Safety Consultants Customer Feedback
SMG provides safety professional support to us throughout our Indiana sites. They do an excellent job sending us very knowledgeable staff. We are very, very happy with the service, they are definitely an integral part of our operations when we are running low on safety resources and need a boost.

BMW Constructors, Inc.
Chris Buckman
Account Manager

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