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manufacturing safety staffing Manage your risk during maintenance activities at your facility by utilizing our experienced safety professionals. Our staff manages safety on your projects by supplementing your team when additional safety support and representation is needed. Given the complex construction logistics and situations that arise, it is easier to give us a call rather than being overwhelmed with additional safety responsibilities.

Our team is experienced in all project-oriented environments including outages, shutdowns, turnarounds, new facility construction, expansions, additions, Owner Controlled Insurance Programs (OCIP) and large scale industrial and demolition projects. Owner safety staffing experience includes steel mills, power plants, chemical facilites, pharmaceutical, and automotive.

Safety Management Group’s qualified Safety Advisors work with your team to integrate safety on your projects.

"We compliment," says Kent Burget, President of Safety Management Group. "Instead of going through the resources or expenditure to hire someone and put them on staff for one to two years, they can draw on a proven resource."

We bring our foundation of safety knowledge, programs, polices, and tools. We get your safety program up to speed quickly and train your staff getiting your facility into compliance faster than starting from scratch.

We built a solid reputation throughout the U.S. by delivering proven, practical solutions to safety challenges in industrial and construction activities since 1996. To learn more, call us at 800-435-8850. Contact us today to explore our capabilities and partner with a contemporary and progressive professional safety services company.

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