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manufacturing safety compliance The magnitude of general industry safety standards can be overwhelming. When developing a safety and health program, our advisors work with your team to draft a specialized set of standards, policies and procedures that meet your operations specific need. The safety program sections are based on an assessment of your operations combined with OSHA general industry standards. We can further assist by training your employees on the developed safety program, implementing policies, and auditing the progress. See our safety program page for more information.

OSHA Inspection and Citation Assistance
Our safety professionals have years of experience managing regulatory inspections and can assist your team. Our professionals can manage the OSHA inspection process from opening conference through informal conference. Are you in a hurry because an OSHA officer is on site now? We get the call and are onsite within minutes for our current clients. Let us deal with the headaches and minimize potential fines.

Recordkeeping and Documentation
Safety Management Group can assist your company with understanding all of the statutory recordkeeping requirements identified by OSHA. When evaluating an incident, sometimes the decision whether an incident is recordable or not can be confusing. In addition, understanding how to properly complete the OSHA 300 Log regarding recordable incidents, classifications, calculating days away from work and posting requirements can be confusing. There are also I other recordkeeping requirements related to OSHA compliance such as how long to archive safety documents, health evaluations and product information. We also offer Recordkeeping training to help your staff.

We built a solid reputation throughout the U.S. by delivering proven, practical solutions to safety challenges in industrial and construction activities since 1996. To learn more, call us at 800-435-8850. Contact us today to explore our capabilities and partner with a contemporary and progressive professional safety services company.

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