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Customized Written Safety Programs

New safety programs or just an update of your current safety manual to meet new requirements, Safety Management Group will develop the program you need. When developing a safety and health program, our advisors work with the customer to draft a specialized set of standards, policies,procedures, and a plan to implement it. The potential safety program components are based on standards from OSHA, best practices, and experiences of our field personnel. Through collaboration with the customer, the actual individualized components of the program are selected and incorporated.

Our experienced staff of safety advisors has developed a systematic method of how to customize written safety programs to comply with state and federal OSHA regulations. Our professionals know how incorporate best practices and time tested programs. We offer solutions from the ground up or supplement your existing safety program, whether a small business or a world wide corporation.

Why buy a safety program?

Navigating the complex federal and state OSHA laws is not an easy task. Let our professionals take the hassell and headache out of complying with regulations. Safety is a smart business decision. Considering the costs of an injury and safety is the right thing to do, investing in a safety program or manual is a competitive edge no business should be without.

Construction Safety Programs - Our team can work with you to customize you safety program regardless of your company's trade. We also can fine tune existing safety programs to help with project safety prequalification requirements.

Manufacturing Safety Programs - Why reinvent the wheel when you can let us use our proven solutions to better your safety program and culture.

How to buy a safety program?

We believe that safety programs and manuals should not be sold as a "cookie cutter" solutions - that one size does not fit all. You will not find a safety program to download here. Every business is unique and the safety program must be customized to fit. Our professionals are ready to get work now helping you with your safety program or manual.

See our contact information to speak with one of our professionals about what we can do for you!

Customer Feedback for OSHA Safety Programs
They (Safety Management Group) put together our written safety program. When we started with them in the late 1990’s we had no formal safety program. We are a small company. I think at the time we had 12 employees and we had just undergone an OSHA inspection for the first time ever. It was a real eye-opener and made us realize that it could have been much worse and we could have had thousands of dollars in fines.

Shannon Door
Kent Shivley

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